Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Weekly Diaper Deals, July 3-9

I started doing weekly diaper deals because The Thrifty Couple stopped doing them for a while.  Of course, although I had good intentions, it was pretty hard for me to find the time every week to sit down and do these.  I am SO excited because The Thrifty Couple is back doing them, so I am just going to post their blog post on Facebook each week in place of my weekly diaper deals.  :)  I know this may seem like taking the easy way out, but sometimes you just have to choose what is more important--Time with the kiddos or weekly diaper deals. ;)

So, for this week here is their post on the deals around town:

Cheap Diapers and Wipes:  The Best Deals on Diapers and Wipes This Week 7/3-79

And here is their post on the best Amazon diaper deals this week:

Amazon:  Cheap Diapers, Training Pants and Wipes This Week 7/3-7/9


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