These bloggers work hard to bring these to you EVERY week and are GREATLY appreciated!!  :)

This Beautiful Frugal Life (Pacific NW)
Happy Money Saver (Pacific NW)
The Coupon Posse (Spokane, WA)
Coupon Connections (Lynnwood, WA)
Thrifty NW Mom (Pierce County, WA)
Queen Bee Coupons and Savings (Olympia, WA)
Frugal Living NW (OR and SW WA)
Thrifty and Thriving (Kent, WA)
The Coupon Project (Tacoma, WA)
I heart Rite Aid (Rite Aid Deals)

These blogs do a really good job of highlighting sales at different stores and then matching-up coupons, rebates, catalinas, and other offers to those sales.  They will let you know where to get the coupons or how to take advantage of rebates.  They also tend to highlight other deals happening on the web or around town (like daily deals or restaurant discounts).  

My advice to you would be to find a few bloggers that you really like or meet the needs of what you are looking for in strategic shopping (stores, sales, etc.) and then subscribe to their daily emails.  Most blogs have an option to do this somewhere on their homepage.  This way you will get an email every day (or weekly, etc.-whatever your preference is) with the rundown of what the deals are for that day, including the weekly match-ups for different stores..

  • Swagbucks:  Earn "bucks" for searching the web (and other things like daily deals and redeeming coupons) and trade the "bucks" in for gift cards or other items from the Swag Store.
  • Amazon Mom:  Get 30% off diapers automatically (if you do subscribe and save) AND free shipping!
  • Full Circle Farms:  Fresh, organic, local CSA produce!  Let them know that Sandra Shaw sent you!
  • Zaycon Foods:  CHEAP chicken every quarter or so
  • Glam Gear:  Coupon Organization System
  • News Tribune Special:  Get the News Tribune DELIVERED for half of what it costs at the store!
  • Yearly Sales Cycles:  The Coupon Project has tracked sales cycles for a couple of years and has come up with this list of when things typically go on sale.
  • Costco Price List:  Queen Bee Coupons has compiled a list of Costco prices that you can have on hand to see if something is really a good deal with coupons.
  • Excel Expense/Coupon Tracking Template:  The Coupon Project has a great coupon/expense tracking sheet.  This helps you see what you are spending and (more importantly) how much you are SAVING with coupons!