Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Albertson's Doubles Are Coming....AGAIN!! :)

I am SO excited to have two weeks in a row of Albertson's doublers!  I love getting free or nearly free groceries.  These double weeks are GREAT opportunities to start your stockpile.  If you don't want to start big or don't have enough cash flow to really stockpile after your weekly groceries, Double weeks can help you with that.  There are plenty of items this week that are FREE (or even just pennies on the dollar) with doubles and coupons, so you don't even need extra cash!!  I challenge you take less than $10 and see what you can get at Albertson's this weekend for your stockpile.  :)

Be sure to subscribe to the News Tribune before Friday to make sure that you get your Twice the Value coupons.  The last couple of Sundays that Twice the Value coupons have come out, it has been difficult to find copies of the News Tribune in the stores (plus you have to pay full price if you buy it in the store).  You can usually find copies of The Olympian, but this paper DOES NOT have nearly as good of coupon inserts as the News Tribune.  I offer a special on the News Tribune where you get it DELIVERED TO YOUR DOOR for HALF THE NEWSSTAND PRICE!!  PLUS if you coupons happen to be missing (like they can be if you buy your paper at the store a lot of the time) they will deliver your missing coupons to you!  How can you go wrong?!  Check it out here and make sure to let them know that FREEZING QUEEN sent you (I am still trying to put Coupon Savant on the account for this special).  

Here are some links to some fellow bloggers doubler match-ups.  Some of my favorites for the week are $0.50 Kraft Dressing (I am running kind of low), the FREE Lawry's marinade (great for grilling season!), the FREE Rhodes dinner rolls (these are YUMMY and EASY!), $0.89 Ball Park Franks (definitely cheaper than Costco!), and the $0.50 Chinet plates (gotta stock up for camping!).  What are some of your favorites this weekend?

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Frugal Living NW
The Coupon Project 

Hope you can find something to add to your stockpile this week.  :)  Feel free to ask me any questions you may have about Albertson's and their Twice the Value coupon policy.

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