Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Yay For New Beginnings

I have another blog that I have been keeping now for a few months called Freezing Queen.  When I started that blog, I wasn't really doing much couponing and cooking was more the focus of the blog.  After I started to use coupons, I wanted to share with others how they could save some money as well.  I was using my Freezing Queen blog for both recipes and meal plans as well as savings tips and tricks.  I have decided, though, that it would be best to separate the two so that it isn't so confusing and those who are just looking for cooking/freezing ideas can go to Freezing Queen and those who would like to learn how to use coupons/get some savings tips can follow this blog.  :) 

I know this is kind of a big transition.  I will try my best to make note of posts here on Freezing Queen for a while until everything is transfered here.  From now on, I will post my weekly diaper deals as well as any other savings tips on this blog.  All of my meal plans and recipes will stay on Freezing Queen.  Hope this helps a little bit and that it isn't too confusing.

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