Wednesday, May 18, 2011

GROUPON: $26 for 8 Regular Sized Subs at Quiznos

Today's Groupon Daily Deal is $26 for 8 Regular sized subs (up to a $51.92 value!) at the Quiznos of your choice.  It is a national deal, but you need to look on Groupon page closest to you to see which Quiznos are participating so that you can exchange the voucher for a punch card at those locations.  The small print also states that the punch card is only good at the location purchased and by purchased, I assume they mean where you exchange the voucher for the punch card.  

You are able to buy one per person and one additional as a gift.  You must exchange the voucher for a punch card by July 4, 2011!  After that, the punch card does not expire.

To get the deal, go to Groupon.  Choose the city closest to where you are as your Groupon "homepage."  If you do not see the deal right away, look to the right and there will be a list of other deals happening currently.  There will probably be one labeled "Multiple Locations" and this is the one to choose.  When you get to the Quiznos deal page, look on the right below the deal and it will have a link to the Quiznos' website and under that will be a link to the participating Quiznos in your area.  Make sure there is one that you will be able to go to regularly to use your punch card.  Buy the deal and enjoy!!  :)

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