Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Franz Bakery Outlet Run, 6/15

If you ever want to save some money on bread, a bread outlet can save you a TON!  Bread is one of those items that you don't find coupons for on a regular basis and if you do, they are not coupons for really great bread.  I went to the Franz outlet today to do my month's worth of bread shopping.  Here is all that I got for $16.05!

The bread I got retails for $4.59 a loaf at the store!  They are $1.67 each when you buy 3.  The English Muffins retail for $3.19 (and are $1.49 at the outlet) and the Bagels are normally $3.59 (they are $1.89 at the outlet)!  I also bought the animal cookies for $1.68.  THEN, when you pay, they give you an extra bag to grab stuff off of the racks of items that are going to expire soon, so I was able to get another loaf of bread and all the donuts.  There have been times they had garlic bread on those shelves and I tend to stock up on those when they are there. 

The bread at the outlet is perfectly fine.  It is not expired, in fact, the stuff NOT on those back racks expire in the same amount of time a loaf bought at the store would.  I tend to freeze everything until I need it, so the expiration date isn't that big of a deal which is why I don't mind getting stuff of the "free" racks. 

Today I was able to get at least $31.92 worth of bread (I didn't count the donuts or cookies because I don't know how much those sell for elsewhere) for $16.05!  That is not quite 50% (my usual goal), but I think it is great for bread!

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