Thursday, June 9, 2011

Staples Run: Free Ink from Batteries!

Staples was offering a deal at the end of April and last month where if you purchased AA or AAA batteries, you would get the full amount back in Staples Rewards (Staples credit basically).  You were able to purchase 2-20 packs per week and since we go through batteries like you wouldn't believe at our house, I got four 20 packs over the course of the month.  From this I got $45.90 in Staples Rewards.  I also turned in 10 used ink cartridges that had been lying around the house for some time.  They give you $2 per cartridge, so that got me another $20 in Staples Rewards.  They emailed me my vouchers a couple of weeks ago and I have been hanging onto them until I made it to the other side of town (where Staples is here). 

Today I desperately needed some ink, so I made the trip over to Staples to stock up.  I was able to get FOUR ink cartridges (2 color and 2 black) plus two little mini plastic bin/tote things for my son's small legos for $0.04!!!  That is NOT a typo!  AND that was WITH TAX (apparently, they tax the amount AFTER the rewards).  Granted, the ink for my printer is MUCH cheaper than a HP printer, but I am still pretty stoked about this!  PLUS, I believe I will be getting 10% of the ink purchase BACK in more Rewards and if I turn in the cartridges, that is another $8 in Rewards! 

Total Paid OOP:  $0.04!!
I think that other office stores (like Office Max and Office Depot) might have similar programs.  I just went with Staples because I was able to basically get four 20-packs of batteries plus 4 ink cartridges for about $45.  Not too bad.  :) 

You can sign up for the Staples Rewards program online here.  You can get 10% back in rewards on all ink, paper and copy purchases.  Plus, you get the $2 per used ink cartridge (I hear it is $3 at Office Max, though).  It is a great way to "make" some money on purchases you have to make anyway (if you are using a printer-especially if you are printing coupons!). 

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