Tuesday, June 21, 2011

LIVING SOCIAL: Full Circle Farms Produce only $18!

Full Circle Farms is a great local CSA that DELIVERS (most areas now) organic produce to your doorstep weekly or bi-weekly.  They are offering a daily deal on Living Social TODAY ONLY of $18 for your first box of produce!  This is a great deal if you have been wanting to check them out, but haven't wanted to pay full price for a box. 

I love Full Circle for many reasons.  I love that it is delivered to my house (I used to have to pick it up, but it was still like "one stop shopping").  I do go to multiple stores usually on a weekly basis, but I always hated buying produce because I never knew if I was getting the best possible price.  Also, you are not only able to see what is in your box prior to your box arriving and you can substitute items if you don't need/like/want them.  I also love that it is risk free.  You can cancel your subscription at any time.  It is also great because, although they are from Carnation, WA, they get produce from places like Mexico and Canada (CSA certified as well), so I get Mangos and Tomatoes (and other "summer" produce) in the middle of winter.  It isn't completely based on what is in season. 

I normally get the family size box delivered to my house every two weeks.  That is usually more than enough produce for my family of 5.  They also have a smaller option for couples or smaller families. 

This deal is valid only for new customers.  You can buy one per household and additional gifts for other households.  This credit is good for $37 worth of produce (which I think might be the smaller box since I pay $46 every other week), but you can pay the difference if you want the bigger box.  Make sure to visit www.fullcircle.com to see if you are in their delivery/pick-up area.  You can cancel at any time. 

When you sign up online, please put Sandra Shaw as the person who referred you.  :)  I would be VERY happy!! 

How to get this deal:

Go to Living Social and sign up (it is totally free) or log-in.  The deal is under the Tacoma deals. 

Buy your voucher.  Once you have the number, so to www.fullcircle.com and order your first box.

Enjoy your produce! 

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